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Johanna & Sebastian's Eagle Idaho Wedding

You'll probably hear me go on and on about Boise and the people here, but this wedding really was my first insight into how helpful and wonderful everyone is here. I hit a home run with my first wedding here in Southern Idaho after moving from Spokane, WA.

Johanna and Sebastian, like every couple I've had the pleasure to work with, were the greatest. The kindest, most genuine people you'll ever meet.

Willowbridge is a brand new venue located on a man-made lake in Eagle and it didn't disappoint. The modern architecture coupled with the white sand beaches created a dreamy, almost foreign feel to the wedding. Honestly, if you were on the patio and didn't know you were in Idaho it had the feel of moor in Great Britain, it's pretty surreal.

I'm really excited about this film and love to send it to couples as the type of films I love to make. I love the story and shots we were able to get for their engagement session mixed with wedding day shots.

Let me know what you think and if you also agree that the world needs more couples like this :)



Also, here's the engagement session for BONUS viewing:

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