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Kat & Sam's Sun Valley Wedding

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

We all can remember out firsts.

There's something magical about Sun Valley, Idaho. The people, the landscape, the sunsets, and the weather.

Kat and Sam's wedding was the first trip I ever took to Sun Valley and it changed me. I've been so grateful the last few years getting to meet and document couples most important day of their lives. This wedding was at Trail Creek Cabin which, from what I've learned, is an iconic location dating back to the early 1900's. With such rich history, I advise anyone visiting the area to stop by and take a walk on the bike trails, or have a drink on their patio overlooking the river. You won't be disappointed.

A big thank you to Kat and Sam both, for trusting me with their film and allowing me to be one of many people to make the day important for them.

Here's to more Sun Valley sunsets and an obsession with those high altitude mountains.

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