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Welcome to Boise

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Rowan. Pretty decent form from a 2 year old.

6 months ago and with 2 weeks notice my wife and I packed the kids, bikes, and whatever else was of immediate importance and loaded the U Haul.

Moving here in December wasn't the most ideal of times but now that it's May and we've started cultivating a community we're all glad we did. The people here have been incredible and the culture is a perfect blend of city and mountains.

For the first time in my existence as a human I feel like I'm supposed to be exactly where I am. Seriously though, as irrational as it sounds I've never been so content and pleased with my location paired with our lives. This really is a magical place and my entire family is feeling liberated by being here.

Hoping to post at least 1 of these a month now that wedding season is coming in hot so I'll talk wit h you all soon! Cheers.

Sincerely, the Monteiths

Ryder and Rowan, throwing rocks in the Boise River

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